State of the Courts

In 2008, Oregon state legislature commissioned a study of 48 court facilities around the state. The study found that only 10 of the facilities met the state-adopted guidelines.

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When Will We See E-Filing

Ever wonder why a filing takes longer than you think it should? The technology in Oregons courts is rapidly falling behind while future improvements continue to be delayed.

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Threats to the Courts

Oregon faces tough decisions. It is our job to provide the public with accurate information about our justice system.

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Funding Challenges   Politicization of the Judiciary
Threats to Judges and Lawyers   National Perspectives
Historical Perspectives

Oregon courts need our help.

You know how important the justice system is to our way of life in the United States. But you may not know that here in Oregon, our courts and judges are in jeopardy. Court operations are underfunded and court facilities are in disrepair across the state. Special interest groups are trying to politicize the judiciary. Judges have even faced threats amid pending cases. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can protect Oregon’s courts and make sure they remain a trusted resource for the public, independent of partisan or corporate interests. It starts with being informed about the challenges facing our state’s justice system. Take a few moments to browse this website, and please contact us if you have questions or would like more information.

is dedicated to preserving the impartiality of the judiciary and opposing attempts to threaten our judicial system, undercut resources to the judicial branch or reduce access to justice for all citizens.