Speakers bureau

Did you know that judges and lawyers will often speak to organizations for free? Is your civic organization, church or neighborhood association looking for a speaker? Is your group interested in learning about judges or the court system? Do you understand how the courts play an essential role in helping to build and maintain healthy communities?

The judges in Multnomah County have formed a Speakers’ Bureau for the purpose of giving lectures to these types of groups. The judges have given talks on various topics, including what a judge does and the impartial role that a judge plays in the court system, courthouse facilities and budgets, neighborhood crimes and sentencing issues for offenders, and specialty courts that address issues such drug use, domestic violence, or family law issues.

Lawyers are also often available to give talks to community groups about general legal topics.

If you are interested in having a judge or lawyer speak to your group, you can contact Carol Hawkins at the Multnomah Bar Association in Portland, Oregon at 503.222.3275 or email her at carol@mbabar.org. Please contact Carol several weeks in advance of the date that you would like to arrange for a speaker.