State of the Courts

Court Facilities

In 2008, Oregon’s state legislature commissioned a study of 48 court facilities around the state. The study found that only 10 of the facilities met the state-adopted guidelines.

Oregon’s court facilities are in a state of crisis. Glaring deficiencies include seismic, life safety and other improvements needed in at least 80% of our state courthouses.

The facilities are diverse, ranging in size from 8,900 to 569,000 square feet, in structure type from renovated hospitals to recently built courthouses and in age from 2 to 120 years

In 2008, the estimated total cost to upgrade all 48 of the assessed facilities to the adopted guidelines was $843,452,047. The highest was Multnomah County Courthouse at $209,933,611; the lowest was the Deschutes County Courthouse at $1,296,624. As the clock continues to tick, we can expect the cost of upgrading these buildings to rise each year we wait to make the necessary repairs and remodels to protect the public’s safety when they enter their local courthouses.

In the downtown Multnomah Count Circuit Court building alone, roughly 5,000 people pass through the lobby daily. This includes court and county staff, jurors plus between 2500-5,000 visitors each day.

We are risking the lives of Oregon citizens each day we do not make essential safety improvements to our court facilities.

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